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You've reached the gate to a whole new world. The Shame Designs realm.
Shame Designs is a group of people who've been involved with computers for a very long time. We do just about everything there is to do with a computer. Anything from excellent 3D graphics and design to hardcore programming and fun demos and effects.

On this site, the mother of a couple of subsites, you will find some of our experiments in various ways and also some fun stuff made just for you to enjoy.

To the right is a box with shortcuts to the available subsites in the Shame Designs group. That box is always available throughout the site, only to make things easy for you.
Enjoy the site and feel free to comment and give us feedback.

/The Shame Designs Members

Check out all the golden oldies!
After 20 years, the good old Commodore 64 is still going strong! We've decided to keep it alive even on the web. Check out our C64 demo remakes in JavaScript!
ShameWorks is the home of Jacko, formerly known as Chique. Still the master in graphics. Visit ShameWorks for the ultimate 3D experience.
Shame Designs Software
The site where all ShameDesigns produced software can be found. Software of all kinds freeware and shareware. Coming soon, watch out for the launch of this one.
Commodore 64 & Amiga Section
Coming soon... The C64 & Amiga section will be filled with all the demos and programs made by the members of ShameDesigns throughout the years.