Golden oldies...
...remakes in a different era

There was a time when even less memory than 640K WAS enough for anyone! Quite amazing, the things one could do with only 64K of memory.
It's some of those things that we did back in the 80's and 90's that we've been trying to recreate in JavaScript/DHTML for your internet pleasure.
Some of the things were originally made by us on the C64 or Amiga, and some are just real classics that we just had to remake...

Please note that the demos only work in IE5.0+ and NS6.0+
Some of the demos have SID-tunes included, and the best experience is to download and install the SIDplug in order to hear the tunes aswell...

  Demo title: Utopia
Originally released by: ASIA
Released in year: 1994
Remark: Yes, we were all members of ASIA once... See the scrolls for credits.

UPDATED!!! Remade again, in true C64 resolution of 384x272 pixels.
A five part demo which was actually a small contribution to a demo competition at a veeeery lame party back in 1994. All parts now include only original graphics and all parts have the original SID-tunes. Enjoy it!

view the demo
  Demo title: T.U.S.E (Totally Useless Scroll Equalizer)
Originally released by: Vogue Designs
Released in year: 1990
Remark: UPDATED!!! A new version with all original graphics!

This little thing was originally released at a party in Landskrona, Sweden. Held by Tristar & The Gang.
after completing our competition demo, we did this one... A worlds first! the original idea by Genius; the Totally Useless Scroll Equalizer! A dot flying around showing the which character is coming next in the scroller! Brilliant!

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  Demo title: Fairlight Classic Intro
Originally released by: Fairlight
Released in year: ????
Remark: What would the world be without this one?

The classic intro by Fairlight, originally coded by Woodoo. If you have the SIDplug you'll even be able to enjoy the nice Druid's tune!
The fact is, nothing would be the same without this intro! Nothing! And.. I even built in the small bug with the "sprite-trasterbar" moving behind multi-coloured logo... he he he.

view the demo (original C64 size) | view the demo (double C64 size)
  Demo title: Underwear
Originally released by: Vogue Designs
Released in year: 1990
Remark: Vogue Designs was a small sidestep by Mark and Genius...

UPDATED! We have now added a remake of the original note that came with the C64 demo!
This demo was released at a party held by Tristar/The Gang in Landskrona, Sweden.
It was supposed to participate in the C64 demo competition, but since the rules for the competition was changed about 4 hours before deadline, it was disqualified! Why? Because they suddenly decided that all parts had to be packed into one single file. No file -loader- demos! Stupidity!

view the demo | view the note
  Demo title: Pormaskar
Originally released by: Vogue Designs
Released in year: 1990
Remark: Why was this done in the first place!?

This was another production made by Vogue Designs in 1990, at the party in Landskrona. I honestly don't know why the hell we made this one at all, but here it is again, Pormaskar, for your pleasure!

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  Demo title: Personal Groupies
Originally released by: Mute 101
Released in year: 1988-1989
Remark: Indeed we were also members of the legendary Mute 101...

This one was a weekend hack made at Genius' place a couple of late nights.
It was supposed to be a tribute to 'da ladies' at the time. Now, we wouldn't touch them if we got paid! HA HA! Anyway, this was released for Mute 101.

view the demo
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